Jin Shun Lee Sdn. Bhd. (JSL) was incorporated in Malaysia in 1988. From a small company with only 5 employees in distributing various range of goods, such as tools, stationery, cosmetics and sundry piece goods. Today, JSL has since grown to be one of the leading brand owner, well-known manufacturer and distributor in Malaysia with about 500 customers spreading all over Malaysia. We also exports to Southeast Asian and Asian countries, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam. Brunei and Taiwan.

JSL continues to develop and diversify its business to security solution and hotel services line. Five other subsidiary company was formed later to become a group.

We always ensure affordable and quality products & services to the consumers, these desires will always be our commitment. JSL vision is to become one of the leading brand maker to offer the public with genuine high-quality products and services.